Plymale-Plymeal-Plymel Family Members

resting in Hopewell Cemetery

Hopewell Church Road

Colquitt County, Georgia


Directions to Hopewell Cemetery

From Moultrie, Georgia take U.S 319 By-pass South to Tallokas Road. Go approximately 3.5 miles and turn left on Old Berlin Road.  Go approximately 2 miles and turn left on Hopewell Church Road.  The church and cemetery are approximately 0.5 miles.

Cemetery Burial Information

The information included was collected November 1998.  All text in black was acquired from the tombstones.  Any information in red has been added by the author of this page.

Below is a rough sketch of the cemtery.


Plot 1


A.    Zion Plymel (Plymale)

B.    Julia A., wife of Zion Plymale C.    Harley F. (Franklin) Plymel D.    Martha V. Plymel E.    Wilburn Plymel F.    Julia Plymel G.    Hazel Plymel H.    George W. (Wesley) Plymale I.    Florence (Hall) Plymale  

Plot 2


A.    Arlie Wright Plymale

B.    Ralph, son of J.R & Lillie Plymel C.    Bettie Mae, dau. of R.L & Mattie Plymel D.    Infant of M.M & B.E Plymel E.    Bettie E., wife of M.M. Plymel F.    Weeda Belle Plymel G.    Z. H. Plymel H.    Matthew M. (Malchi) Plymel I.    Shelley L. (Gandy) Plymel  

Plot 3

A    Archie W. Plymale B.    Alice G. Plymale C.    A. B. Plymel D.    Eula Mae J. Plymel E.    Julia G., dau. of J.H & E.M Plymeal F.    Pauline Plymale, dau. Of Mr. & Mrs. A. W. Plymale G.    Infant dau. Of Mr. & Mrs. Paul Rogers H.    Lonnie Lee Plymel I.    John H. (Henry) Plymel J.    Eliza P.(Piles) Plymel  

Plot 4


A.    George W. Daughtry

B.    Thelma P. (Irene Plymel) Daughtry C.    Grady L. Plymel D.    James M. (Madison) Plymel E.    Lillie H. (Hart) Plymel F.    Son of Mr. & Mrs. G. W. Daughtry  

Plot 5


A.    Arthur Shelton Bates, Sr.

B.    Vidie Plymel Bates C.    Lausen Plymel D.    Harley Plymel  

Plot 6


A. Jacob E. (Elijah) Plymel

B. Nancy J. (Jane) Plymel C. Charlie D. Plymel  

Plot 7

A. Rev. Albert C. Davis
B. Lee Berta T. Davis
C. James Ralph Davis D. Lenora Plymel Davis E. Jack Madison Davis F. Hazel Davis Lovell

Plot 8

A. Dallas H. Plymel B. William J. (Jefferson)  Plymel C. Nettie L. Plymel D. Berry Plymel E. (Helen) Viola C. (Cooper) Plymel c
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